2017 VOBHA Annual Homeowners Meeting

September 27, 2017 Meeting Notes

Meeting Location: Edmonson Pike Library

Meeting Facilitator: Phil Cicero

Invitees: All VOBHA Homeowners

I.     Greeting/Introductions (Phil Cicero)           6:15pm

II.     VOBHA Board Objectives (Phil Cicero)    

a.         Buy Local or Small Business
b.         Be Transparent
c.         Build Community

III.     2017 Improvements/ Decisions/ Community Events (Phil Cicero)                        

a.         Quick Books – software implemented
b.         Regions Bank (Double Accountability)
c.         Transfer Fees – implemented in 2017
d.         Amalie Entrance (Landscaping, New Signs & Fence Segment)
e.         Hunters Ridge Entrance (Culvert, Fences, Gate, Signs)
f.          Website (New Address: VillagesofBrentwood.com, Rebuild, better contact, eCommerce for dues             and late fees beginning 2018)
g.         New Facebook Page
h.         Neighborhood Block Parties
i.          New Entrance Signs and Yard Signs
j.          New Landscaper
k.         Started Mowing Common Area by Creek
l.          Nextdoor App (Active Membership)
m.       Board Member Responsiveness

IV.     Treasurers Report (Bekki Lowrance)

  a.     Current Balance (08/31/17)      $34,671.74
  b.     Chart of Accounts Year to Date
  c.     Outstanding Dues (Capturing Neglected fees and Dues)

V.     2018 Plans (Phil Cicero)      

a.         Salt Streets (Research legality of both entrances and streets with extreme grades)
b.         Block Parties -  Spring & Fall 
c.         Garage Sales (3rd Saturday in April & October)
d.         Landscape Hunters Ridge Entrance - WIP
e.         Landscape Committee – need volunteers
f.          Meet with Council Woman and Adjoining HOA’s (Covenants, Metro Codes)
g.         Meeting Minutes Post to Website
h.         Register Homeowners Contact Info for Emergency Purposes ONLY
i.          Repair Entrance Message Boards

VI.     Comments/Ideas (Homeowners)

·      1st  Request to post “No Trespassing Signs” on all common areas.
·      2nd Request to remove falling trees in common area – determined to do only if endangering a house.
·      3rd  Request for help with drainage problem off Yorkshire Rd.
·      4th  Request to get house on Village Way with excessive items surrounding it cleaned up.

VII.     Adjournment            7:30pm

a.      Remember Chili Cook-off and Block Party, Saturday, September 30th, 2pm-5pm




July 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes
Approved 11/09/17
Meeting Location: 5401 Hunters Ridge
Meeting Facilitator: Phil Cicero
Invitees: All VOBHA Board Members

I. Call to order (Phil)
Phil Cicero, the President, called the meeting to order at 7: 07 pm held at the Cicero's


A quorum was present with the following members in attendance:
Phil Cicero, President
Bekki Lowrance, Treasurer / Social Media Director
Debbie Cicero, Secretary
Joe Weaver, Webmaster / Advertising Director
David Melvin, Board Member
Megan Melvin, Board Member


Ron Stump, Board Member


Steve Hollis

II. Reading and Approval of minutes from last meeting on 06/06/17 (Debbie) Minutes
approved as read

III. Old Business

a)  Financial Statements for Past Month (Bekki)
     • Financials UPDATE
     • Bank account ending balance: $37,011.86
b) Website/Advertising (Joe)
     • eCommerce update – has been uploaded, needs bank account info added prior
        to trial run
     • Website Revisions
          o Board Members? Update wip
          o Fall Party? decided Oct 30, Sat
          o Links to Other Websites (Condos/Summit)? add Brentwood Summit
             & VOB Condos
          o Meeting Minutes? possibly upload as a jpg- want to be secure, not
c) Huntington Parkway Fence/Signs Update (2X 4’, 2x 6’) waiting on permits: TVA
     requires a permit, issue because gas pipe line has 8’ setbacks, 2- 4’ signs at
     Huntington Ridge entrance, Amalie entrance 2- 6’ signs,
d) Fall Party Update (Megan) decided Oct 30, Sat, chili cook off, supply hot dogs,
     chips, cotton candy, condiments, order chairs, board members contributing tables
e) Community Garden on green space (Survey on VillagesofBrentwood.com) - Joe
     start survey page on website

IV. New business
a) Councilwoman Davette Blalock – Date to meet? Questions? Topics? Fall Invite??
     Phil spoke to her, she cannot meet when our board meets. Discussed the board
     trying to meet another evening. Request her to bring a codes representative to
     Possible topics:
     Ie…Covenants? Authority? Lawns? Trash? Metro Codes? Salt Streets? Etc??
     Discussed: options getting neighborhood streets or yards cleaned up. Nashville.gov
     (codes) appears useless.
b) Annual Meeting Date REVISION: Wednesday, September 6th 6:15-7:45pm
     Edmonson Pike Library.
c) Tami Roth resignation, New board member nomination of Steve Hollis – Phil
     nominated, passed unanimously.
d) Additional suggestions? none

V. Adjournment 7:52pm Phil made motion, it passed unanimously.


2018 VOBHOA Annual Homeowners Meeting and Fall Block Party

September 29, 2018

2017-2018 Yearly Review

VOBHOA Board Objectives

1.     Buy Local or Small Business

2.     Be Transparent

3.     Build Community


2017-2018 Improvements/ Decisions/ Community Events               

1.     New Treasurer

a.     The Board wishes to thank Bekki Lowrance for her years of voluntary service to the VOBHOA.

b.     The Board welcomes Tucker Hamlett to the role of Treasurer.

2.     Block Parties Fall and Spring

a.     Successful and will continue

3.     Transfer Fees

a.     Useful in offsetting costs and keeping annual dues some of the lowest in Nashville and avoiding a yearly assessment of all owners.

4.     New Landscaper

a.     Ended services with Workman Lawncare.

b.     New contract with Spain’s Lawn Service.

c.     Spain’s offers coverage and reliability for additional services previously not covered by previous landscaper.


5.     Website

a.     Posting of Meeting Minutes

b.     Unable to setup eCommerce due to billing issues and lowered  subscription plan


Treasurers Report

1.     Current Bank Balance       $ 35,557.72                

2.     Revenue                            $   9,419.00

3.     Expenses (see breakdown)        $   8,533.02

4.     Gross Profit                       $      885.98

5.     Open homeowner balance                 $ 3,081.00 (past due accounts and late fees)


2018-2019 Future Plans

1.     Possible annual dues rate increase of $5.00 to $25.00 yearly total per home in 2020 (can not rely on transfer fees to offset operating expenses $2,400 in transfer fees)

2.     Continue Block Parties

3.     Continue Garage Sales

4.     Re-landscape Hunters Ridge Entrance

a.     With drought resistant plants

5.     Meet with Council Woman and Adjoining HOA’s (re: Covenants, Metro Codes)

6.     Register Homeowners for Emergency Purposes ONLY

7.     Address Outdated Covenants

8.     Contract with a Lawyer to represent the Neighborhood


Comments/Ideas from Homeowners

Please contact us through the website: www.villagesofbrentwood.com/about


Dates to Remember

·      HALLOWEEN October 31, 2018 6:00pm-8:00pm

·      Annual Dues due by April 1, 2019 (mailed out by January 15, 2019)

·      Spring Garage Sale 3rd Saturday in April

·      Spring Block Party 2nd Saturday in May 4:00pm-6:00pm