The Villages of Brentwood Homeowners Association maintains the entrances and common areas, oversees neighborhood issues, covers neighborhood Insurance, pays taxes on common property and handles many additional functions within our community.

The cost for these services is offset by dues which are required by each homeowner of the Villages of Brentwood neighborhood. Dues are billed annually during the first quarter of each year. Dues received after April 1, will incur a late fee, and will be added to the homeowner's account.  Homeowners who become more than two (2) years delinquent are subject to a property lien.

Should you have any questions concerning the status of your account, please contact the HOA Board directly on the contact page of this site.

Received on or before March 31:

Late Fee if paid after April 1

When a property located within an HOA is sold, the closing/title companies will request specific documents from the organization. These documents include the HOAs governing documents, financial statements, amendments, restrictions, defects to the property, etc. The fee for the gathering and preparation of these documents is called a HOA Transfer Fee. For the Villages of Brentwood, the transfer fee is $100.

Mail your check to:
Villages of Brentwood Homeowners Association
P. O. Box 111871
Nashville, TN 37222